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Client Story: Nathan

Nathan is “a huge inspiration,” shares Joe, who has served as Nathan’s Protective Services Representative (PSR) for the past three years. Nathan has been with APSI since 2020 and has experienced some pretty harrowing medical issues. In the past year alone, he has been in and out of the hospital 15 times. However, Nathan doesn’t let that get him down. According to Joe, he is “an awesome example of what it looks like to persevere through very challenging times.” 

Even though he has every reason to be negative, Nathan is a laid-back and relaxed guy. He loves being outdoors and recently visited the zoo with his team. He is a funny guy and likes to joke around. Joe added that he’s kindhearted, “anyone that meets him can see he’s a good man to know.”  

In the past few years, Nathan’s level of care needs increased. He spent more time in the hospital and rehabilitation centers than ever before. Since working with APSI, he’s been able to have the individualized attention and support of one-on-one staff members that he needs. It hasn’t been easy, but he’s come a long way. Joe shared that “he has only experienced growth and progress despite continuing medical issues.” Nathan’s story is incredibly inspiring, and his team “could not be more happy and excited for him.” 

With the help of APSI, Nathan has found himself in a pretty good place for the foreseeable future. Nearing the end of an incredibly long medical journey, “The fact that he can still sit and smile and have a positive attitude is very inspiring” to his team. As a group, the goal is for Nathan to be able to return to his day program and be a part of community outings; the team is optimistic about these goals. Nathan is “close to the end of a very long tunnel.” We admire how far he’s come and are excited to see how far he’ll go.  


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