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Make a Referral

• Any person or organization can make a referral for APSI’s services. To request that APSI provide guardianship services, please complete the APSI Guardianship Referral Form and submit it to with all required supporting documents.
• When APSI receives a completed referral packet, APSI staff review the individual’s eligibility and need for services, as well as APSI’s capacity to serve new individuals. Referral sources will be notified whether the request has been accepted or denied. For accepted referrals, APSI will file an application with the county probate court, and the court will schedule a hearing.

If a person is in need of guardianship services but is not eligible for services from a county board of developmental disabilities, please consult the Ohio Guardianship Association website to identify if guardianship services are available in the county where the person in need resides. 

Contact with any questions.

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