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Our Philosophy

  • APSI strives to provide guardianship services and other decision-making supports in a way that promotes self-determination, self-advocacy, and principles of least restrictive services focused on person-centered planning. APSI staff are committed to enhancing each individual’s quality of life by addressing their needs and preferences balanced with the risks.

  • APSI ensures that individuals are actively involved in making decisions to the fullest extent possible in a manner that promotes health and safety as well as the person’s wishes, goals, values, beliefs, and personal preferences.

  • APSI believes that a person’s need for a guardian or other decision-making supports can change over time, so we assist individuals in the restoration of their rights (including termination of guardianship) as appropriate to each individual’s needs and abilities.

  • APSI provides services as a last resort, meaning that if there is an alternative person or other entity who is willing and capable of supporting the person, then APSI will not serve that individual. Alternatives may include a family member, neighbor, friend, volunteer, or other community program.

  • APSI specializes in serving individuals with the highest level of needs in the least restrictive manner possible.

2006 black and white group photo of APSI staff.

Our History

For over 40 years, APSI has served adults with developmental disabilities across Ohio. We provide guardianship and other decision-making supports as we advocate for outcomes that promote dignity, respect, and enhanced quality of life for our clients.

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