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Who are Protective Services Representatives?

They are APSI’s backbone. Our reps visit the people we serve in person regularly, learning everything they can about the people on their caseloads to best serve them. 

“I know them, I know what they like. When I go into meetings, I’m confident... I know who I’m here for and I think that’s Important,” PSR Free Ackah said. 

This strong client-PSR relationship allows reps to make the best decisions for their individuals. Whether it be medical, housing, work, or support services, our reps know what their clients want and need. 

“We are the voice of the client. A PSR’s job is to be able to speak up for the best interests of the client,” PSR Kathy Leaf said. 

PSRs constantly communicate with other members of clients’ teams and clients’ families, advocating for the individuals they serve to live their best lives. Our reps help their clients’ wishes and desires be known from finding a home to going on dream vacations.  

“I think that APSI is that missing puzzle piece on teams. And so, everybody has their own key part to play in this life, but APSI brings it all together,” Intake & Services Coordinator  Shirella Walls said. 

Some individuals who lack natural supports seek APSI’s advocacy and involvement. With their reps’ support, clients find a whole new world of possibilities.  

APSI client Keith came from a difficult home life prior to having a rep, but now he thrives. He’s done new things, like attending the fair, going swimming and even playing in concerts. 

“He didn’t realize, ‘Oh, I can do that,’ and ‘I don’t need someone to tell me ‘No,’” Jen Hoop, Keith’s PSR said. “He’s just flourished.” 

Some clients thrive with continued support from APSI, like Ralph, who’s been with the agency for four decades. But, others build skills with the help of their PSR, so they no longer need a guardian and can be restored to competency.  

Samantha with her support dog Miss Lady Ann
Sam with her support dog Miss Lady Ann.

“I didn't feel like I had a voice until I met John... John's been advocating since day one,” Sam, a former APSI client said about her former rep John, after she was restored. “He's got my case going, 'Why can't she do what she wants? Why are you all holding her hand? Why are you all telling her no?' John has been a lifesaver. He advocated for me so much. " 

In 2023 a record-breaking 23 clients were restored. 

Across the state, APSI’s 60+ PSRs support over 3,000 clients, completing over 20,000 visits last year. Our reps will continue to advocate for the thousands of clients across Ohio, no matter what.  


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