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Client Story: Ralph

Ralph has been with APSI since the organization was founded in 1983, 40 years ago. Then, Ralph was 30 years old, today he is a retiree of 70, looking forward to his 71st birthday in January. As we ring in APSI's 40th anniversary we also ring in Ralph's. Just like APSI, Ralph has changed over the years.

Angie, one of Ralph's four APSI Protective Services Representatives (PSRs) from over the years says he "has never met a stranger—he's a real delight to be around." Proof of this are his many persistent relationships. Ralph is surrounded by friendship whether it be his girlfriend of 18 years who he loves to go out to dinner with, his roommate Tim, friends he plays cards with at his day program or his long-standing house manager, Carol. Free, Ralph's current PSR, met him at the beginning of 2023 and was charmed from the start;

"He just enjoys life. And I think that's a great motto that I kind of took, 'life is short, enjoy the small blessings that you have.' And I think that's what he does."

With his APSI PSRs and his devoted team Ralph has set and completed many goals over the years. He wanted to interact with the community, and he does. He wanted to join a bowling league, so he did. He wanted more unsupervised time, so he worked toward it.

Ralph is now retired but has always been a hard worker. He worked as a dedicated custodian for many years prior to retirement. Emily, another of Ralph's former PSRs says, "He is very proud of the work that he does... earning his own money has been something that is very important to him." Ralph still has his work ethic and helps his day program with waste management and pitches in with his staff at home when he can.

Although he's retired, Ralph's not slowing down. He goes on trips with his day program often and recently went to a glass blowing class where he made his own art piece. Ralph is a big Ohio sports fan; the Guardians and the Buckeyes are his favorites. His house manager's husband prints off the teams' schedules for him, so he never misses a game. Recently Ralph got to attend a Toledo Mud Hens baseball game and enjoy some snacks at the stadium.

Ralph's behavior in the past led to restrictions, but through APSI's consistent presence, he was able to overcome them. "He's been somebody who's worked very hard to get where he is today. And that really shows great motivation and determination," Emily says. APSI's continued role with Ralph has allowed him to find a home that is right for him, as he had less than ideal housing in the past. Angie, Ralph's former PSR, says, "Longevity can just be such a positive thing in somebody's life. It doesn't mean that he's been restricted for 40 years, it means he's been supported for 40 years in reaching the goals that he wanted to get to to be the person he is today."


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