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Client Story: Bradley

APSI became Bradley’s guardian when his adoptive parents waived guardianship of him in 2019; he was hurt, confused and hesitant about his new Protective Services Representative (PSR), Jevon. But Jevon built trust with Bradley, and he eventually realized that Jevon is trying to help him live his best life.

Bradley loves his Hot Wheels, RC cars and nerf guns adding custom attachments to make them his own.

Sadly, in past living situations, his roommates would steal these things, argue, and even try to fight him. Jevon and Bradley worked with his team and moved him into a healthier environment. Now Bradley is moving in with a friend he lived with before who respects him and his belongings.

Through everything Bradley stays positive and engaged; standing up for staff if roommates were rude and pitching in with chores.

“He’s a person that wants to help people no matter what.”

As Bradley finds stability in his home life, he looks to his next step, getting a community job.

“It’s so rewarding to see the strides that he's made, and it just motivates me to do as much as I can for Bradley and other people on my caseload knowing the possibilities.”


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