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Client Story: Marilyn & Ellen

In just four years, Ellen and Marilyn have done things many thought were impossible. In 2019, before the two women had ever met, they were sent to a nursing facility in declining health. Both had a low quality of life and were not expected to live much longer. Despite this, the two are more active today than when they first met. The day Ellen and Marilyn became roommates was the best thing that could have happened to either of them.

While both women use non-verbal communication, the two have become fast friends during their time together. They communicate in their own way and have been inseparable ever since.

Before Ellen and Marilyn had met, they lived rather solitary lives, but now, the women go on outings at least twice a week and seem both in better mental and physical health than they were four years ago. Ellen and Marilyn's staff encourage them to socialize with others at the facility, but the two prefer to keep each other's company.

Ellen and Marilyn exemplify that having one person you can trust, laugh with, and be yourself with can make all the difference.


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