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Client Story: Shirley

Shirley has been an APSI client for a short time, since 2022, but she’s been living life since the roaring 20s. She celebrated her 100th birthday in March, where she was showered with gifts and love from her friends in the community, including her APSI Protective Services Representative (PSR) Emily and another rep Shannon. 

Before APSI, Shirley spent the majority of her life without a guardian. She became an APSI client because she needed a little more support making decisions as her memory waned with age.  


But Shirley still thrives and lights up the room with her positivity; Emily calls her “a ball of joy.” She enjoys a quiet retired life with her longtime best friend and roommate Beverly as they craft, puzzle and sing the days away—Elvis and Michael Jackson are Shirley’s favorites. 


At 100, Shirley still takes care of herself; getting her weekly manicure is her favorite self-care routine. Beverly, who’s more verbal than Shirley, always makes sure you see Shirley’s nails and outfit of the day. 

 “She's proud of her things, she's proud of taking care of herself and getting her nails done,” Emily says. 

Emily has been involved in the Developmental Disabilities field for 20 years as a mother to an autistic son, a Day Program Manager, and now as an APSI rep. She has seen a lot over the years and is amazed by Shirley. 


Typically, anyone with a developmental disability averages anywhere from 10 or more years shorter lifespan than someone without a developmental disability. So, seeing someone that can reach 100 is just absolutely amazing. Just the best thing in the world,” Emily says. 


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