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Client Story: Keith

Changing guardians can be difficult, but Keith has adjusted and found a world of opportunity ahead of him. Through his journey, Keith has become active in his community and built a more involved and independent life.

Jennifer, an APSI Protective Services Representative (PSR), has worked as Keith’s guardian for about three years. Keith is soft-spoken and warm-hearted, “He’s quiet but happy. He’s very low-key, but when you talk to him, and you ask the questions, he lights up."

Before Keith and Jennifer formed an amicable relationship, having a new guardian was difficult for Keith. However, the APSI team was there every step of the way to ensure he was better off and more in charge of his life.

Growing up, Keith’s father was friends with a sheriff, and this became a dream profession of Keith’s. His father got a retired cruiser that didn’t run, and the sheriff’s friend even gifted him his own radar gun that the station no longer needed. The idea of being a sheriff inspired Keith, and he became a vigilante, using the radar to track the speeds of cars that passed his house, even sporting his own badge and sheriff hat.

Over the years, Keith has come a long way. Despite the hardships that change can bring, Keith has come to find that there is a world out there he hasn’t experienced, “He is loving it, and each day he keeps getting better and better,” says Jennifer.

“His world just blossomed.”

Since being with APSI, Keith has found freedom he’s never known. “He didn’t realize, ‘Oh, I can do that,’ and ‘I don’t need someone to tell me ‘no.’ You know, those kinds of things. So yes, he’s just flourished,” says Jennifer.

Keith’s day program connects him with opportunities that make him a part of his community. Keith is slowly immersing himself in his community by helping clean the fire station, attending parades, enjoying the fair, and even sharing his bongo talents at local concerts. Keith also sees his father weekly and gets to enjoy other fun activities with family, such as going out to eat.

“We’re slowly getting him acclimated to the idea that ‘you can do this, this is totally in your power, and you can do this.” Jennifer emphasizes the importance of new opportunities for Keith, expressing the difference involvement can make, “It gives them life. It gives them quality of life."

"It really gives them an opportunity to have a quality life and live it to the best of their ability.”

Keith’s story has shown Jennifer that no matter how hard things get, change can always be made. She is impressed by Keith’s growth, and proud of how open his world has become.

Jennifer seeing this change in him has made every step of the way worth it, and today, “he’s all smiles.”

Today, Keith is starting to feel comfortable with his own place in the world, “He’s able to breathe. He’s able to live. He can do what he wants,” says Jennifer.

After seeing how far Keith has come, Jennifer mentioned how proud she is to be a part of the team that inspired him to grow. Without APSI, Jennifer wonders who would be there to help individuals like Keith reach their full potential.

“The future looks awesome. It looks fabulous, because we’re only going to be able to do more for our individuals.” 


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