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Client Story: Brenda

Brenda was in a rough spot. She was staring down problems at work and at home. Her job didn’t give her enough hours, and her relationship with her family was in a rocky spot. In life, Brenda knew, you sometimes had to make tough choices – but to her, that didn’t make them any less tricky.  


The time was right for Brenda to act. She was used to others making decisions for her, but she felt ready for a change. In enduring these challenges for so long, Brenda had shown incredible strength --and now she was going to put that strength to use.  


By getting involved with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Brenda was able to secure a new job at Applebee’s with more hours and better wages than her last job. With this income, Brenda was able to start saving more for her vacations. Brenda loves to travel, and vacations are another important point of advocacy in her life. When Brenda travels, she chooses where she wants to go and with whom. Almost every part of a trip comes down to her, and she’s proud of it. 


With her new job, Brenda felt confident enough to address her family. For years, Brenda had struggled in her relationship with them. Now, when they went against her wishes, she used her coping skills to protect her boundaries. Using staff support, she made sure her family connected with her in a healthy and respectful way. With just a little support, she established a new level of independence for herself, free of past trauma and stress. 

For Brenda's great leaps in advocacy, she was awarded the TJ Jackson Forever Friends Award. This award is given to APSI clients that have shown personal growth/increased independence.

Now, Brenda has her eyes on a bigger prize. Thanks to her strong self-advocacy, her team feels that she is capable of restoring her own guardianship. Her support staff are united behind her in this process, and everyone—including Brenda—has high hopes for her future. 


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