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APSI Awards Staff

Cammie Seymour - Russell Kinnebrew Advocacy Award

We are happy to announce Cammie Seymour as our 2024 Russell Kinnebrew Advocacy Award honoree. The Russell Kinnebrew Advocacy Award is given to APSI program staff members who demonstrate exemplary advocacy efforts. 

Cammie is a trusted Protective Services Representative (PSR) in her community and shares her more than two decades of experience in and outside of APSI. For many reps, Cammie is the “go-to” rep in the Southwest region, offering insight and advice when they need help. 

Cammie knows all of her clients inside and out. She has a deep knowledge of the DD system and uses it in concert with teams to advocate for her clients' wants and needs.  

Congratulations Cammie! And thank you for all you do for your clients and colleagues.

Sean Hamlin - Wanda Carroll Impact Award

It's our pleasure to announce Sean Hamlin as our 2024 Wanda Carroll Impact Award honoree. This award is given to an APSI staff member not responsible for direct program services but who contributed to supporting APSI’s mission.


For over five years, Sean has been integral to APSI’s Northeast region, first as a Protective Services Representative (PSR). Now, as the Assistant Regional Program Director, he provides insight and leadership to PSRs. 


Sean comes to work daily with a positive attitude and goes above and beyond to assist his Reps and two Regional Program Directors.” 


Sean is also respected in the community, whether it’s a probate court, a provider, or a county board. Congratulations Sean! Thank you for your dedication and passion for APSI. 

Stefanie Vaught - Danielle Vandenbark Scholarship

We are excited to announce Stefanie Vaught as our 2024 Danielle Vandenbark Scholarship honoree. The award is an application-based scholarship for an APSI staff member who has been with us for at least one year and pays to further the honoree's education.  

Stefanie has worked as a Protective Services Representative (PSR) in the Northeast region since 2022, tirelessly advocating for the individuals she serves. 

Stefanie is enrolled in a Master’s of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She plans to use her education to further advocate for her clients’ mental health needs and to share her newfound expertise with her APSI colleagues. 

Congratulations, Stefanie! 


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